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20 Mar 2024

The submission period will start on April 1 and will end on May 20, 2024 at 23:59.

General information & requirements

  • Abstracts should include animal or human research study results or high-quality case reports or case series discussing rare cases or interesting conditions in the field of intensive care medicine.

  • Abstracts should meet universal ethical standards.

  • Submitted abstracts must describe unpublished work, which is not in press, nor has been submitted as an abstract or a manuscript.

  • Abstracts in narrative/opinion review, will not be accepted.

  • Must be typed in Times New Roman, font size 11, single-spaced.

  • The abstract should be sent electronically by e-mail as a word or pdf file to

  • The total length text must not exceed 2000 characters.

  • All abbreviations must be defined at first use except for the very well-known.

  • Up to 10 authors (maximum 9 co-authors) per abstract.

  • The submitting author will be the contact author. She/he will be notified via email of the submission’s acceptance or rejection in June 2024.

  • The first author must be present at the congress to present her/his work.

  • The winner of the best abstract will be invited to present her/his work at the SIZ Annual Meeting (21/06/2024) during one of the sessions.

  • All the accepted abstracts will have the possibility to become posters, which will be displayed at the SIZ Annual Meeting and presented in a poster round during lunchtime.

  • All the accepted abstracts will be published during 1 year on the SIZ website, which is enough for the recognition commission (French and Dutch-speaking) for the year 2024.

How to build an abstract?

  • Title: Must be short and specific. Type in sentence format, in bold font.

  • Introduction: The first sentences should state the hypothesis, purpose of the study.

  • Methods:  Briefly describe the study design, patients or subjects, procedures, and measurements

  • Results: A summary of the results should be provided with relevant data.

  • Conclusion: The abstract should close with a brief statement of conclusion.

  • References: If included, cite number in text using square brackets. In reference list, then journal name, volume, page range and year of publication. (e.g., Jorens P. et al. SIZ News 1:1-5, 2024)

  • Table/Figure: A maximum of 1 table OR 1 figure can be included. All tables/figures must be cited in the text. Tables can have a maximum of 5 columns and 8 rows. Figures must be submitted in jpg or png.

  • Case reports: Must be submitted using the same first 5 components.

  • Consent to publish: If the abstract contains details relating to individual participants, written informed consent for the publication of these details in the abstract must be obtained from the participant and a statement to this effect should appear at the end of the abstract.

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