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Dear colleagues,

The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) has launched, in cooperation with the European Commission, a training programme which includes online self-learning and local face to face training sessions. The curriculum includes topics such as:

  • Introduction to ICU

  • The ICU Patient: General Aspects & Admission Sequence

  • Basics of respiratory support

  • Basics of hemodynamic monitoring

  • Sepsis and infections

  • Other Aspects of ICU Care

  • Team care

ESICM has asked the national societies to inform their members and to act as an intermediate. More information can be found in the following document.


The SIZ Board

Annual SIZ Symposium 2020

FOD Update

FOD ( Siensano) daily update


Belgian guidelines

Belgian treatment guideline (update19 march)

Belgian ethical guideline update 27/03   ( DutchFrench)


Protocols and treatment info shared by Belgian ICU colleagues and hospitals 
  1. IZ protocol COVID19 Kortrijk

  2. Italian feedback on NIV in COVID ( shared by F. Taccone)

  3. Protective measures at UZ Brussels (video)

  4. Protocol & SOP’s UZ Brussels


All protocols are published with the approval of the authors, who cannot be held responsible when their protocol is used outside their own institution


Useful links national &  foreign scientific organizations
  1. Intensive care e-learning (= teaching tool voornamelijk voor niet intensivisten. Eerst persoonlijk account maken ; nadien activatiecode vragen aan; ten slotte code activeren via

  2. Internet book of critical care

  3. ESICM guidelines

  4. Siensano

  5. FOD

  6. CDC

  7. Interaction of drugs with COVID 19 treatments

  8. Eurotransplant letter


Other links 

statistics app

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