COVID 19 PANDEMIC (3) - 15.03.2020

After the decisions from the federal government last thursday, all ICU’s are preparing for the sickest patients  to come.  Prof. Meyfroidt , SIZ president,   is in close contact with the FOD and several board members joined  a governmental Task Force. As far as we know now , we expect a flood of patients in the ICU’s by next weekend and the week after that.

Several colleagues took the initiative to set up a (WhatsApp) network of intensivists in order to share guidelines, information movies,……

We will inform you through this website ( 2 separate ‘COVID 19’ pages were designed) ,  with mailings , with the feedback from the governmental task force , with information gathered and shared by colleagues in the network,…

If you wish to share information or have questions , you can also contact us at . Please , also pass this information to colleagues , unaware of the SIZ website.

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