COVID 19 pandemic (2) - 13.03.2020

Dear colleagues,

Many  guidelines and protocols are launched in the literature and in the media. Some useful links and the guidelines of our Dutch colleagues are available in the previous post on this website. Our ICU colleagues from the University Hospital ( Prof. Hermans,  Prof. Wilmer ) were so kind to share their protocol in the following link :

UZ Leuven protocol

This airway management protocol is only for internal use in the University Hospitals Leuven and was not designed to be used outside the University Hospitals Leuven. It might be subject to changes. The authors, and the University Hospitals Leuven, are not responsible for management of patients outside the University Hospitals Leuven based on this protocol. However, out of solidarity with centers in need of guidance, it can be used as an inspiration to write local protocols.

Meanwhile also Belgian guidelins are available

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