C19 – SPACE program - 17.10.2020

Dear colleagues,

The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) has launched, in cooperation with the European Commission, a training programme which includes online self-learning and local face to face training sessions. The curriculum includes topics such as:

  • Personal safety, donning and doffing of PPE in times of COVID19
  • Introduction to ICU
  • The ICU Patient: General Aspects & Admission Sequence
  • Basics of respiratory support
  • Basics of hemodynamic monitoring
  • Sepsis and infections
  • Other Aspects of ICU Care
  • Team care

ESICM has asked the national societies to inform their members and to act as an intermediate.  More information can be found in the following document  and/or by mailing to eu_covid19@esicm.org

The SIZ Board

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