33rd Annual Meeting - June 14th, 2013 - Living Tomorrow

Session 1: Fluid management

  • Which amount? D. De Backer (Brussels)
  • What place for albumin ? L. Gattinoni (Milan, Italy)
  • Still a place for HES ? E. Hoste (Ghent)

Session 2: Brain damage

  • Prognostication in post-hypoxic brain damage F. Taccone (Brussels)
  • Intracranial pressure monitoring in traumatic brain injury: The pros and consG. Meyfroidt (Leuven)
  • Craniectomy in severe brain injury: The pros and cons A. Maas (Antwerp)

Session 3: Bleeding

  • New anti-thrombotic agents C. Hermans (Brussels)
  • Major bleeding protocol J. De Waele (Ghent)
  • Massive bleeding: New aspects B. Hunt (London, UK)

Session 4: ARDS: Practical aspects

  • What is new in ARDS managementJ.J. Rouby (Paris, France)
  • How I do it practicallyL. Gattinoni & J.J. Rouby

Session 5: Ethical Issues

  • End of life: The patient should always be informed
    • Pro: H. Spapen (Brussels)
    • Con: D. Ledoux (Liege)