General information

The  Annual SIZ Award (3.750,00 €) aims to promote scientific research in the field of Intensive Care Medicine.

The works presented should be submitted by researchers of less than 40 years old at the submission date.

The price will award an experimental or clinical work in the field of Intensive Care Medicine. The work should be either original and of high scientific quality or equivalent to a thesis for fellowship.

The Award will be attributed to congratulate the author and to encourage him to pursuit a scientific activity.

The jury, composed of the members of the Board of the SIZ , will assign the Award annually but if there is a lack of scientifically acceptable submissions, the Award may not be allowed.

The awarded work will be presented at the annual meeting of the Belgian Society of Intensive Care Medicine.

Submission is possible until  May 1st ,  2023


If you want more information, you can contact the SIZ secretariat: