COVID 19 PANDEMIC (3) - 15.03.2020

After the decisions from the federal government last thursday, all ICU’s are preparing for the sickest patients  to come.  Prof. Meyfroidt , SIZ president,   is in close contact with the FOD and several board members joined  a governmental Task Force. As far as we know now , we expect a flood of patients in […]

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COVID 19 pandemic (2) - 13.03.2020

Dear colleagues, Many  guidelines and protocols are launched in the literature and in the media. Some useful links and the guidelines of our Dutch colleagues are available in the previous post on this website. Our ICU colleagues from the University Hospital ( Prof. Hermans,  Prof. Wilmer ) were so kind to share their protocol in the […]

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COVID 19 pandemic - 10.03.2020

Dear colleagues, The COVID19 pandemic poses a major challenge to the healthcare system in affected countries, and we have no reason to believe that Belgium will be different. Thanks to the work by our Chinese and Italian colleagues, we can project that possibly hundreds of patients will need intensive care in Belgium in the upcoming […]

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