FOD Update

7/4 :  23403 total infections  , 5688 hospital admissions ,   4681 discharged,  1276 patients in icu  ,  1008 ventilated ,   44 ECMO , 2240 deaths

FOD ( Siensano) daily update


Belgian guidelines

Belgian treatment guideline (update19 march)

Belgian ethical guideline update 27/03   ( Nederlandse vertaling   / Traduction française )


Protocols and treatment info shared by Belgian ICU colleagues and hospitals 

1.IZ protocol COVID19 Kortrijk

2.Italian feedback on NIV in COVID ( shared by F. Taccone)

3.Protective measures at UZ Brussels (video)

4.Protocol & SOP’s UZ Brussels


All protocols are published with the approval of the authors, who cannot be held responsible when their protocol is used outside their own institution


Useful links national &  foreign scientific organizations

1.Intensive care e-learning  ( = teaching tool voornamelijk voor niet intensivisten .Eerst persoonlijk account maken ;  nadien activatiecode vragen aan ; ten slotte code activeren via )

2.Internet book of critical care

3.ESICM guidelines




7.Interaction of drugs with COVID 19 treatments

8. Eurotransplant letter

Other links 

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